Our Policies

Revision Policy

We are diligent in our work and try to fulfill all your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, you can request a revision from your client area. At ProfessorsDen, we believe in customer satisfaction; hence, we provide unlimited revisions to our customers. According to our standard revision policy, the first revision round takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete; second revision round takes a minimum time of 48 hours, and after that, each revision round takes a minimum time of 72 hours to complete. In some cases, if revision is very minor, we immediately revise work and send it back. Please provide as many details as possible with your order so that you may not require any revisions.

When you send us a document for revision, we assess the revision comments to see if they are different from your original guidelines. If the revision comments are different, then you have to pay an adjustment fee. If you want to request a revision on an urgent basis, then you have to pay an adjustment fee because it might not be possible for us to perform revision otherwise due to the unavailability of the concerned writer.

Refund Policy

You can qualify for a 100% refund if, there was a payment mistake (identical orders, double payment, etc.) or we were not able to provide you with a suitable writer.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if our team has been assigned and less than half of the deadline has passed, as the team has started working on your order and should be compensated.

You will be able to get back 40% of your money if, the team has been assigned and more than a half of the deadline has passed, or we are not able to provide you with a suitable team for your revision.

You will be able to get back 90% of your money if, you have canceled your order right after placing it and the order has not been assigned to any writer yet.

If you have any reasons other than the ones stated above, then you will not be eligible for any refund.

Delivery Time

We take delivery time very seriously. Almost all of the orders are completed far before the deadline, and we have been able to keep up with the demand for past several years. Ironically, some difficult/complicated orders may get tardy and might take additional time than anticipated earlier! Rest assured that your order is our top most priority and certainly, you will receive your order in due course. We also encourage our clients to check their spam box as sometimes our emails are sent to spam box automatically. Besides, clients can also download the final files from their user area by logging in to our website using their credentials and from there they can download the final files.

Cancellation Policy

As a company with a good reputation, we do understand that situations may arise at times when a customer goes for order cancellation. It is to be noted here that if you inform us in time, your order cancellation process will be executed accordingly. If you request for order cancellation, and more than half of your deadline has passed, we will consider it as "Late Cancellation." As a result, you are eligible for a 40% refund. If you request for order cancellation, and less than half of your deadline has passed, we will consider it as "In-Time Cancellation." As a result, we will accept your claim and 70% of your amount will be refunded. Or you can utilize the full amount of your canceled order on your next purchase.

Privacy Policy

Whenever the customers visit our site, protecting their privacy becomes our top priority. To serve that purpose, we would like to give you a brief overview of how we collect and use private customer information. We collect only the most vital customer data, such as the service you want and other relevant details like your name, mailing address, financial information about credit cards etc. We also store card information as well as social security number so that your data may be stored on our servers for future reference. The reason we store private information is to have all records of our communication with the customers to ensure future requests are valid and customers are satisfied.

We also consider your requests to change or update any information that concerns you. However, we hold all rights to modify or change this privacy policy at any time; so in order to avoid any uncertain situation, stay updated with the Privacy Policy Page.

Our Privacy Policy is uniformly applicable to all visitors at ProfessorsDen. We give the highest assurance that your information will not be sold, exchanged, or transferred without your consent. We are very particular about safety and confidentiality of all the user information provided to us, which is why your info will not be made public. We protect private information in order to gain the trust of customers and prevent any kind of unauthorized access or disclosure of information. As such, we rely on various types of data protection, management, and security software. As a result of such measures, ProfessorsDen is one of the most widely used services guaranteeing information security at all levels. However, to be on the safer side; always be careful in sharing your personal information via insecure social networks, email, and other communication channels. ProfessorsDen holds all rights to revise or change this privacy policy at any time. If you require further information on this, you can contact us or simply keep yourself updated with Privacy Policy page by visiting it frequently. By using our service or sharing information at any level on our website, you automatically accept our privacy policy and agree to receive product and service updates as well as news and promotions. If we are up to using your information in a manner that differs from the terms it was initially collected upon, we will attempt to notify you 30 days earlier. The use of your information will be subject to your prior approval.

Reward Policy

We, at ProfessorsDen, have introduced the Rewards Program to benefit our clients additional to our services offered. The Reward Policy refers to conditions which apply to its users, both the Referrer & Referee:

Reward Points:
  • All clients will get points on each purchase up to $5.
  • Points will be awarded to referrer per referral.
  • The referred one will get 2% additional one time discount.
Redeem Your points:
  • Points can be redeemed after 30 days.
  • In some cases, the points will be redeemed after 90 days.
  • You can redeem your points by selecting the item of your choice.
Usage Policy

Please note that our Original and Custom Writing Services are only for your better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. The clients can use the custom paper as a model for their project as the submission of the paper as it is, may result in a severe penalty by your academic institute. Moreover, you will not be punished if you are only using the custom paper for your writing’s improvement. Also, if you still submit your document as it is, we don’t accept any responsibility of penalization by your educational institute