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Choose Preferred Expert

Your assignments are handled by subject specialists in our team. We are very selective when it comes to assigning your academic work to a specific expert. Although we can select a writer, editor or proofreader for you, we want you to do it yourself. We have introduced ‘Choose Preferred Expert’ option for choosy ones among you. You can avail this feature in only $8.50.

Abstract Paper

The abstract page is a must for college assignments. You may also require abstract page for your theses and dissertations; which will reflect upon major aspects of the whole composition. Not everyone can squeeze a big pile of information into a small paragraph. To save you the trouble; we provide you the option of getting your ‘Abstract Page’ done by our talented writers in only $8.00.

Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is highly unacceptable when it comes to submitting college assignments. No university or college ever accepts any excuse behind plagiarism. We understand the severity and strain that a student may face as a result of submitting a plagiarized assignment. Therefore, we practice zero plagiarism policy. Our writers are not allowed to copy material from any source. If you need evidence about the authenticity of your papers, you can ask for a plagiarism report in only $6.75.

Grammar Check Report

Having on-point grammar in writing is the most important policy that we direct our writers to follow strictly. We ensure that no grammatical error remains behind as your completed file is delivered to you. If you want to ensure grammar precision in your academic documents, we offer ‘Grammar Check’ report for only $6.75.

One Page Summary

The summary is a condensed form of an entire assignment. Writing a summary is a thought-provoking process as a writer has to select major points from the whole assignment. We have trained our writers to come up with all-inclusive summaries of academic papers. You can request a 1-page summary of your essays, assignments and research papers in $8 only.

Quality Double Check

It’s not that every assignment we complete does not get a quality check. No, it’s not possible! Nothing goes unchecked or undetected under the nose of our keen quality assurance department. Nonetheless, if you want the reassurance of our process, you may ask for the double quality check. For this service, we will charge you only $3.75.